Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Home at last.

No not the French, it was worse than that. It was La presse, and the poor duke found himself all at sea in the flagship of the fleet. True, he had ordered la presse to engage a volunteer crew for Le Cochon Noir under the command of Capitaine Chienlave. An informative experience for him to become a member of that crew and one that will not be repeated.

Once he had established his identity to the Captain, it was not an unpleasant voyage, and indeed gave him time to review his handling of the country to date,and indeed on how he came to become head of state.

The crucial incident came on the evening of 16th April 1746, when surrounded by a few survivors he realised that not only was the battle lost but the country too;
determining , in the words of The Bruce, " Never , in any way to submit to the domination of the English" He led his small band, by torturous route to the coast, whence a fishing boat took him to the coast of the continent. Service in the armies of the area, led him slowly south west, until he reached the borders of Wittenburg in whose army he played a minor but important role, before entering the service of Noverre,

His romance and marriage to Milady de la Nuit was very much the stuff of romantic legend,and it was a series of unfortunate accidents, (to other people,) that left him as heir presumptive to the throne.
Now he has a county to rule, the maps have not yet arrived from the engravers, but the overview of the area is to be appended to this document.
The armies are to parade later this week for a Grande review and it is to be hoped that woodcuts will be available for distribution.
The navy too is busy preparing, painting and scrubbing for the occasion.
For now a glass of Bordelaux wine, and he will seek his bed.