Sunday, 17 May 2009

An intercepted message.

It has been a busy day for the Duke, Starting with his poseing,( again) for his court picture, for a long while he has managed to avoid all appointments made for sittings by the Duchess, but today failed. His likeness has now been captured in oils by the renowned artist Pierre Kodak.
and an official viewing has been promised for this very evening.
Barely had he risen, when a member of the household approached with a waterlogged package, found on the body of a Courier from Els to the Monrovians.
It is believed that the man met his death at the infamous Risenbach falls, high in the high hills to the North.
Retiring to his chamber, he opened the blood and water soaked package and studied the contents.
It was obviously a government document, written in bureaucratese, and much was illegible.
With the aid of a glass,he copied out the documents for study by his advisors.
Although fragmentary, some phrases could be clearly read.

" Whilst at first glance, this may appear to be a parodoxical dichotomy, the reality is far more complex"
" This term may not be used in future as it has been discovered that 4% of the population can no longer be considered a minority"
" I`m not here to work, I`m in charge."
"Can you not accept that your use of the word Americanism, might be taken as being rude and disrespectful"

Clearly in code:
He must pass it over to the experts, that little band known as " The Followers"

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Noverre man said...

Well, its now an interactive blog.
All those extracts are from real documents that have passed through my hands.