Sunday, 14 June 2009

Military Intelligence?

The Duke briefs his loyal agent Jacques le Pegge before he goes to the border.

Jacques and his sister Jean leave to discover the truth in the rumours of Troops massing on the border with Els.

After many frenzied hours of discussion with the Chancellor it seems obvious that the Duke can only afford to raise forces very, very slowly.
True he has those troops raised by Herr Fiks and Messrs Zvesda and others, that were his original intention, they are however too small in stature to perform joint manouvres with those of Wittenberg.
It has been decided that the existing troops will be armed and equipped to defend the nation, whilst a start is made on searching for a suitable agent to provide men who can take the field to the greater glory of his realm.
Messieurs Green would seem the only viable option at this stage for Line troops at least.


Frankfurter said...

I highly recommend Minden Miniatures, of course.
Folks also have shown that the somewhat cheaper RSM's from Dayton Painting Consortium paint up nicely.
But I've found that in distinct units, the plastics work fine even so.

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice minis! I like the travel-worn look of Jacques. The picture with his sister (his sister, the sister?) makes me think of the movie "Two Mules for Sister Sara".

tidders said...

The HAT pontoon bridge looks quite good, although perhaps a little narrow.

I wonder what the agents will discover (where is Jacques's extra leg ?)

-- Allan